International Rocket Week 2001

Photo from the Scotsman (Scanned by Bob Arnott)

As ever the International Rocket Week was awaited with anticipation by a large number of UK rocketeers. There was a little concern this year, due to the uncertainty about the location of the HPR flying site. The regular venue, Birtlebog Farm, was out of bounds due to fears of foot & mouth. In the event we used a backup site, that had been used once before at a previous IRW.

Model field at Kelburn (Photo by Richard Harwood)


Only George had the wherewithal to get there by Monday, but he staked our claim to the bay we had last year


Darren & Shaun arrive to find George had 'gone tourist'. Later, George reappeared and Mike arrived. The weather was pretty bad, with rain and high winds making the putting up of tents a three person operation. No flying took place. This was a day for setting up and building stuff. george built his 'sweetie rocket' from a Tobelorone tube, Shaun built his Mild Thing, and Darren built Dog Knobbler.


Pete & Angela arrive and we have the first flying on the Kelburn model field.


First HPR day on the hillside above Kelburn.


A party headed off up the hill for more HPR flying, but after the exertions of the previous day, the NSRG decided upon a day on the model field. Later, we went offsite for some pub grub.


There was supposed to be more HPR on Saturday, but the weather forecast meant that it was cancelled, and substituted with competition flying. In the event the weather turned out to be OK, but hey that's Largs!


Traditionally Sunday is competition day, but as lots of the competition flying was completed on Saturday, Sunday became an HPR day. Of course, back at the pavillion, there was still some general flying but the main days event was the Aquajet contest flying.


Monday was the last flying day. Ths was the day to finish off the contest and general flying, start to pack and, in the evening, head off for a slap up feed.


Pete & Angela, George, Shaun & Darren head for home.

Hazy Stuff

Here are some more pictures, either of unidentified rockets, or stuff I recognise, but don't know what day it flew on.

More pictures

Here are some more pictures, of various NSRG rockets and fliers, taken by NWR member Andy Issot. Andy's always ready to lend stuff, help out, and give advice. An all round rocketry good guy.

Seperated at Birth

You might expect strange sightings in the air, but on the ground?