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What is the North Star Rocketry Group?

The North Star Rocketry Group is a lightly organised group of Rocketeers based in West Yorkshire. We decided to formally start the group after flying together locally and bumping into each other at national events for a couple of years.

The North Star Rocketry Association is an affiliated member club of UKRA (United Kingdom Rocketry Association) and we encourage membership of this organsation. Members of the NSRG are also members of UKRA, NAR, TRA, IAR & SERFS. We support the UK rocket community as a whole.


Where are you based?

We are based in West Yorkshire. That's where we all currently live. We fly locally, on Baildon Moor, but also travel to other rocketry events throughout the UK


How long have you been going?

In this incarnation, only since the beginning of 2000, although the group can trace it's ancestry back much further. Some members of the group have been active in rocktry since the 80's, and a previous incarnation of the North Star Rocketry Group existed then.


What do you fly?

We fly model rockets, small and large, and high power rockets. Some people who have 'moved up' to HPR look down on model rocketry. We don't. We still enjoy building and flying model rockets of all types. We fly small models, big models, clusters, staged rockets, clustered & staged rockets, boost gliders, parasitic gliders, pop gliders, helicopters, saucers, landers, scale models, RTF, kits, modified kits, and scratch builts.

We fly model rockets locally, and travel around the country to fly high power rockets. We don't currently have a HPR flying site locally.


Where do you fly?

Locally we fly model rockets on Baildon Moor. Nationally we travel all over the UK, and fly with a number of other organisations.


How are you organised?

Lightly. We don't much go in for organisation. We're not a big enough group for this to be a problem.


How many members do you have?

Hard to say as the criteria for membership is that you come and fly with us, and attendance at flying events varies.


What do I get if I join?

Not much. Friendly faces, some people to talk too, and fly with. The nice warm feeling which comes with the knowledge that the reputation of rocketry in Yorkshire is not entirely in the hands of the White Rose Rocketry Society.


How do I become a member?

Just turn up, and introduce yourself. If you want to know when and where we'll be, send us an email, and we'll keep you informed.


What does [insert rocketry term of your choice here] mean?

This isn't that kind of faq. If you want to know that sort of stuff check out our links page. There are some more general faqs listed there.


Where can I buy rockets & motors locally?

You can get Quest & Estes kits & motors from some local model shops. We recommend "The Model Shop" in Crossgates, Leeds. For mail order check out our links page. There are vendors from the UK and elswhere listed there.


What is the legal situation locally?

You mean for acquiring composite motors? Much the same as elsewhere. You need an RCA document to take posession of the motors and move them around the country. You also need either a Certificate to Acquire or a Certificate to Acquire and Keep. To get a certificate to acquire and keep you will need a registered explosives store. I'll assume that's what you want to do. The Certificate to Acquire only route is a bit of a pain, because you can't keep the motors, so if you don't use them you need to arrange for someone else to store them. However, this is a good route if more then two of you in the same house want to fly composite motors, as only one of you needs to have a registered store.

In West Yorkshire, some things are easier, some harder. For example the West Yorkshire Police, in contrast to other areas, insist you have an intruder alarm fitted. (We think this is because the alarm exemption doesn't cover UN0027 & UN0028, which most popel will want to put down) On the plus side though, the local officers are aware of hobby rocketry, and you they won't be too suspicious! In the past we've found them to be friendly and knowledeable. Here's what you need to do...

To register an explosives store contact:

Caroline Foster
West Yorkshire Fire & Civil Defence Authority
Fire Safety Office
Oakroyd Hall
West Yorkshire
BD11 2DY
tel: (01274) 655832

Form FSG 5118 (Rev 9/98) a couple of tips:

Question 3: Cross out (a) & (c) leaving just (b) mixed explosives. For quantity put 7kg (It's the maximum).

Question 4: Cross out Mode A, leaving just Mode B. Describe the type and location of your store. e.g. "Wood lined steel box in basement".

If you have any questions regarding the form, or the requirements of the store, contact:

West Yorkshire Fire Service
South District Fire Safety Office ( Wakefield Area)
Brunswick Street
Wakefield WF1 4PA
tel: (01924) 374241
fax: (01924) 299473

They will send an someone to look at your store. What they need to see is a "wood lined metal box". I bought an old ammo box, and built a wooden box from plywood to sit inside it. I keep mine in a spare room in my basement. If you don't have a basement, you will have to discuss the location with the Fire Service.

For a Certificate to Acquire and Keep Explosives contact:

Fiona Smith
Explosives Liason Officer
P.O. Box 9
tel: (01924) 292309

Ask for form COER 1

Form COER 1 a couple of tips:

You need to put down the following UN numbers: UN0027 UN0028 UN0349 UN0351

If your apllying for a license to acquire only the amount is limited to 1Kg.

Also if your apllying for a license to acquire, you don't have to specifiy the dates and venue and apply every time. You can put "At sites of rocket flying events", and you will be covered for the full year.

Fiona will usually do the inspection. She will ask you if you have a burglar alarm on your house. Rocketeers in other areas of the country report that this isn't necessary. However in West Yorkshire, if you don't have one, you will have to fit one. The minimum system allowed, is a sensor/switch on each exterior door of the premises.

N.B. It is probably best to send off both of the above completed forms together (I waited until after I got the store sorted and then called the Police, but this isn't necessary), and then arrange for Fiona & the Fire Service rep to visit on the same day. They will be quite prepared to do this. Both of these people are typically very friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly they won't be surprised when you say you are storing rocket motors!

RCA document:

Health & Safety Executive
Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge
tel: (0171) 717 6205
fax: (0171) 717 6690

On this form you should also request UN0275


For links to more faqs, check out our links page.