Hollywood Bowl / Quincy's, 12th December 2000

More of a lunch report than a launch report. To celebrate xmas, and in passing, our first year as a group, we decided to have a xmas 'do'. We considered curries or an evening in the chinese restraunt, but that would exclude some of our younger members. In the end we decided we would go bowling, with an early evening slap up 'tea' after. The Hollywooed bowl is in a mall thing on Kirkstall Road, and there are a few places to eat. In the end we chose Quincy's. Much respect is due to Pete & Angela who organised the whole thing.

The Bowling

We met up in the afternoon and played two rounds of bowls each. We had a large turnout, with almost all of the North STar Rocketry Group making an appearance, where were you Joel? There was Angela & Pete W, Brian, Mike, Richard, Tony, Luke, Pete D, Patrick, Jan, George, Darren, Karen, Shaun, James & Kieran.

the gang assemble but where's pete w?

are we having fun yet? the pro at work

Half way through the event Pete W announced that he had brought 'prizes' for the best and worst bowlers on the day, which added a competitive edge!

pete w george, mike <img src= & tony">

pete & darren kieran

angela & karen kieran

It's interesting to note that being a top rocketeer does not necessarily mean you are a top bowler. Several of us soon realise that we're not bowling to win, but to avoid coming last!

The, err... flights

Bowler Round 1 Round 2 Total
James 65 91 156
Tony 36 71 107
George 70 101 171
Patrick 83 125 208
Mike 47 50 97
Karen 51 67 118
Kieran 78 84 162
Jan 86 108 194
Angela 87 107 194
Richard 50 51 101
Luke 48 78 126
Darren 80 71 151
Shaun 58 94 152
Pete D 157 127 284
Pete W 147 75 222
Brian 105 74 179

The Eating

Though a little daunted by the size of our group, the restateraunt staff took our orders and soon we were tucking into large amounts of food and drink.

on your marks, get set... go!

We held the prize giving in the resteraunt. As you can see form the figures above, Pete D won both rounds, though Pete W gave him a run for his money in the first, and therefore had the biggest total. Mike had the least points over the two rounds and won the wooden spoon.

mike's prize pete's prize

If there had been a prize for quantity of food consumed Brian would have eaten it, err sorry, won it. From his starter, via his huge main course, to the superflous pud, Brian out-consumed us all. Congratulations! Quote of the afternoon:

Waitress: "Who's is this starter for two?"
Brian:    "Looks like mine."
Waitress: "And who will you be sharing it with?"
Brian:    "Me."

mmmm pud rocket payload