Who's who in the NSRG

Due to popular demand, and to help put names to faces, here's the members of the North Star Rocketry Group. A real rogues gallery.

Brian Best

The f(l)ounder of the North Star Rocketry Group, Brian has been flying rockets since before the dawn of time. Only member form the original North Star Rocketry Group, all other members having claimed to have been abducted by aliens, every Friday night, upon leaving the pub, allegedly. Will often turn up with an obscure Estes kit. Likes to certify on short, stubby rockets.

Brian resplendant in his flat cap Military test pilot

Left to right...

Likes:Short, fat unusual or unusual rockets
Most likely to say:"Thought I'd give this old thing an airing, I haven't flown it since 1985, but this will be it's 357th flight"

Shaun Longhorn

Son of Darren, brother of James. The number two of the NSRG, Shaun would far rather be shooting terrorists in a counterstrike clan match (it says here) than faffing about with rockets. If pushed he will knock something together in a half arsed way and claim it to be "finished". Inexplicably won a school science competition with this technique.

no dimple hangin' tough

Left to right...

Likes:Chips, Bullpups, Ben Jarvis "he's my hero"
Most likely to say:"Shhh, I'm in a deathmatch"
Most unlikely to say:"Down the AGRA for a curry then?"
Claim to fame:Certified Level 1 at an unconstitutionally young age

Angela Waddington

The NSRG armed response unit. Don't dis' us or she'll be on your case. Married to rocketry, oh and Pete. Her ambition is to replicate the hundred acre wood in phenolic and plywood. Half of the PandA email hivemind/gestalt.

Left to right...

Likes:The hundred acre wood
Dislikes:Flappy, fluttery flying insectoid lifeforms
Most likely to say:"Come on, get your arse in gear"
Most unlikely to say:"I don't know maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt, he might not have meant it"
Claim to fame:First woman to certify UKRA Level 2

Pete Waddington

The other half of the PandA hivemind. Pete takes a relaxed attitude to this and other hobbies, just so long as he doesn't unexpectedly find your rocket on his pad, in which case the red mist descends and he transmutes into his alter-ego Mr Furious. Still thinking about taking the L2 exam. Illegitimate love child of Bobby Hill and Kiefer Sutherland.

Left to right...

Likes:Scale rockets, OOP kits, kites, paraqueets, torches
Dislikes:People who borrow stuff without asking
Most likely to say:"I am too taking this hobby seriously" (stamps foot)
"It'll be fine in five, four..."
Most unlikely to say:"Do you think we could be a bit more grown up about this?"
Claim to fame:Has two enormous inflatable balls called Vic & Bob

Darren J Longhorn

Father of Shaun and James, Darren takes everything too seriously, especially the loss of curvy red and white rockets. Would appear paranoid even if they were all out to get him, which they're not.

Left to right...

Likes:Pressing the button himself
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
Dislikes:Not being able to press the button himself
Most likely to say:"Perhaps you'd like to write an article about it for 10...9...8... ?"
Claim to fame:"Prep-face" can stun unwitting spectators at fifty paces

Mike Crewe

Illegitimate love child of Obelix and Cousin Itt. Rocketry is only one of his hobbies, the others include archaic weaponry and militaristic organisations involving young adults. Has been known to lick plates clean.

Left to right...

Likes:Cloning OOP kits, upscales and fantasy rockets
Most likely to say:"Fly yer bas***d"
Most unlikely to say:"Ooh, I wouldn't upscale that"
Claim to fame:Four laps ahead in his virtual mean machine drag race with Bob Arnott
Can survive for six full weeks in the desert on the contents of his moustache

Tony Harwood

Father of Richard, bringer of Luke. Expert on soft drink cans and bottles. Sophisticated drinker of wine.

Left to right...

Likes:Wine, Coca Cola (bit not for drinking)
Most unlikely to say:I can't finish this wine, can anybody help?

Richard Harwood

Resident pyromaniac adjunct of the NSRG. Richard can often be found setting up the fireworks at the UKRA and K-LOB launch events, and as he will tell you, there is no problem that cannot be solved with a suitable application of explosives! Besides rocketry and pyro, his other hobbies include chasing after girls, and being a sophisticated drinker of single malt whiskies.

Left to right...

Likes:Scaring the hardy residents of Heckington, Glenmorangie
Most likely to say:"Of course I'll light that 16" shell!"
Most unlikely to say:"Go on then, you can press the button"
Claim to fame:Been on the Discovery channel, Organises the UKRA / K-LOB firework display


Tertiary adjunct to the Harwood collective. The mysterious Luke, I don't even know his surname. Friend of Richard, who can say more?

Left to right...

Likes:Who knows?
Dislikes:Who knows?
Most unlikely to say:Anything at all
Claim to fame:Can produce frozen snot from his nose on demand

Pete Davy

Yes it's true, all you other rocketry groups beware, "all your AP supplier are belong to us". What can we say, Everybody knows Pete, Pete knows everybody.

Left to right...

Likes:Konnie from Blue Peter
Most likely to say:"May I interest Sir/Madam in this expensive piece of rocketry related paraphenalia?"
Most unlikely to say:"Don't you think you're spending too much?"
Claim to fame:Can smell the credit limit of most common credit cards

George Rogozinski

Partially nocturnal, George can sniff out a nightclub from a distance of greater than five miles.

Left to right...

Likes:Nightclubs and, presumably, the ladies within
Dislikes:UK licensing laws
Most likely to say:"I'm a bit peckish"
Most unlikely to say:"That's a bit too expensive for me"
Claim to fame:Beat Shaun in the great Nardini's steak eating contest

Joel Tatham

Missing man of the NSRG. Transatlantic transplant with a sense of irony.

Left to right...

Most likely to say:"Spacklington"

James Longhorn

Son of Darren, sibling of Shaun, creator of Group Captain "Ginger" Watkins. Only an occasional rocketeer.

Left to right...

Likes:The Simpsons, Dragonball Z, Stargate SG1, MiB, Lego payloaders
Most likely to say:"In my culture, I would be well within my rights to disembowel you"
Most unlikely to say:Turn off the TV, I've seen enough
Special skill:Teal'c impersonations

Steve Grace

Our newest flier. The evidence to date suggests that he's going to fit right in.

Left to right...

Likes:His AMRAAM, by the looks of it

Steve Holt

Recoverer of Tintinique, Steve is reputed to like SciFi rockets.


It gets cold on Baildon Moor. Here's a selection of the more outlandish hats to have been sighted upon the heads of North Star Rocketeers.

angela mike pete