UKRA 2003

There were quite a few of us there, but all in all there wasn't much flying for a three day event. Friday was a bit of a washout due to rain, nearly all the flying was done on the Saturday amd pretty much the only thing that flew on the Sunday was the tent at the range head! Thanks to Aitch for the pictures.


The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Adrian Harrison Flame On D12-5
Darren Longhorn Josh's Nemesis B4-4
Darren Longhorn Courier B4-4 Altitude attempt - PicoAlt - failed to log
Darren Longhorn Josh's Nemesis B4-4 First flight
Darren Longhorn Stinger 5xC6-3 Josh's own design, fisrt flight
Darren Longhorn Courier C6-3 Altitude attempt - PicoAlt - failed to log
Darren Longhorn Centuri Saucer C6-3
Darren Longhorn KB-1 C6-3
Darren Longhorn Josh's FatBoy B4-4
David Thompson AMRAAM H128 Successfull L1 cert flight
David Turner Greyhawk C6-5
David Turner Bullpup C6-3
David Turner Sunward Liberator C6-7
George Rogozinski Enterprise 2 K240
Jason Holder Astrocam C6-7
Pete Waddington Kappa D12-7
Pete Waddington Screamin' Mimi' D12- Listen...
Pete Waddington Piglet H110
Pete Waddington Machbuster Clone C6-7
Pete Waddington Tangent C6-7
Tom Weston Polaris C6-5
Tom Weston Nemesis C6-5
Tom Weston Polaris C6-5