UKRA 2002 - 7th/8th/9th June

George recently bought into Hypertek in a big way, including all the GSE. This was George's first Hypertek flight, and the first use of the GSE. Thanks to Steve Woolhead of MARS for double checking the prep.

Darren flew Accusatory Finger of Suspicion in it's orginal form and also in it's new alter-ego form as the hybrid-ready Accusatory Fist of Suspicion. Finger brought Darren a new personal altitude best of 7904', whilst Fist was his first Hybrid flight.


Mike flew his BH-3000, a bash of the Phoenix rocketry BH-2000, the difference being an extra pod. This flew on a cluster with a central G80. We didn't have much luck with G80s...

After many months of scratching noises at the back door - Darren realise that Tintinique wasn;t quite dead. Or at least a close relative was still alive, a sort of Evil-Twintinique. It couldn't last, the ritual cleansing was performed by a G80.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Darren 4R5E F1L73R E30-7
Darren Accusatory Finger of Suspicion J415W 7904'
Darren Accusatory Fist of Suspicion J250 Darren's first hybrid flight
Darren Golden Snitch A10-0T
Darren Evil-Twintinique G80 No ejection charge - spacked
James JLCLV C6-3
James Wilfred Short 3xD12-5 James' first cluster flight
James X-30 C6-3 Motor was kicked out at ejection - spacked
James Centuri Saucer C6-0
Dave Stretch Blobbo D12-5 First launch of UKRA 2002
Dave Stretch Blobbo D12-5
Dave Cobra 3xB4-4
Dave Cobra 3xC6-3
Brian Emperor Blobbo I240
Brian Torpedo H128W
Brian Pterodactyl Jnr. H123W
Brian Flying Octagon of (not very much) Doom F12J
Brian Minni Magg H242T with LOC Magnum nose
Steve AMRAAM3 H110
Steve AMRAAM3 H110
Steve Small Endeavour G35
Steve IQSY Tomahawk F25
Richard Phobos F23-4FJ
George Enterprise J330FX George's & NSRG's first hybrid flight - 3319'
George Mystic Buzz G64-7
Mike BH3000 G80&3xD12 Took the CATO Express to Spackington
Mike Meaner Machine F39 Round n of the 'Bob Arnott Virtual Drag Race' Won again. 819 feet
Mike Prodiginous-U J460 3633'