UKRA 2001

the fliers line up

For the first time the main annual UKRA event was held at South View farm in Lincolnshire, the home of Pete's Rockets. There were pros and cons compared with Garlands: the flying site was much bigger, but farther away from the main marque and camping area. There was no bar, but there was an onsite food vendor. All in all it made for at least as good a site.

NSRG fliers line up rockets to go workshop

Pete W flew his 2 x upscale Mars lander (by Tango Papa) for the very first time. Was he nervous? In a word yes, in several words he was as nervous as a Bernard Mathews' turkey in December. We hadn't seen this level of nervousness since Darren minced about failing to fly Tintinique for a whole day at UKRA 2000. The worry was, on the whole, worth it though temporarily blind-siding the rocket gods. The flight of this briliiantly finished rocket was as smooth as a finish on one of Iain 's rockets (smooooth). Deployment was good, but perhaps a bigger chute was in order. The descent was rapid. This in combination with the cross wind led to a damaged leg on landing. The leg itself will have to be replaced but, not to be discouraged, Pete was heard to say "bigger chute next time... ...and motor".

Pete with mars lander On the pad Lift off On chute

Flare on the pad Flare in the air Warlock launch

Lift off

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Brian Best Emperor Blobbo I357 Chute
Brian Best Warlock J350 Chute
Mike Crewe Ace Mmega Tube H180 Chute, Altilob project. R-DAS with Gwiz LC and Gwic LC Delux wired into it's digital inputs to track the GWiz events
Steve Grace Small Endeavour H128 Chute
Richard Harwood VB BoB F23 Chute
Richard Harwood Python D12-5 Chute
Richard Harwood Mirage G35 2 Chutes
Tony Harwood Eggsocet Quest C5-3 Streamer
Darren Longhorn Tintinique G104 Chute, Last time on a G104
Darren Longhorn 4R5E F1L73R E15 Chute
Darren Longhorn 4R5E F1L73R F12-5 Chute
James Longhorn JLCLV C6-3 Parachute, Suborbital launch of Group Captain 'Ginger' Watkins
James Longhorn James' Rocket C6-3 Streamer, Rockets to Go workshop
Shaun Longhorn Lost D12-0 to C6-7 Streamer, Rockets to Go workshop
Shaun Longhorn Flare G104 18" Drogue, First flight
Luke Nelson Lightning L3 C6-7 Streamer
George Rogozinski Yank Hawk G64-4 Chute
George Rogozinski PML Eclipse J415 2 Chutes, Successful Level 2 flight
Patrick Rogozinski Silver Comet D12-5 Chute
Patrick Rogozinski Super Big Bertha D12-3 Chute
Pete Waddington Starchaser F25-6 Chute, 1st flight. 22,000 foot altitude attempt, flown on behalf of Steve Bennett by the North Star Beach Buggy Club. It split in half and the bottom section was lost. That's what you get for mocking the great man! ;-)
Pete Waddington HRP Online H123 Chute
Pete Waddington Loc Viper III 3xD12-3 Chute, Fly the Stripes
Pete Waddington Back to Basics D12-0 to C6-7 Streamer, First flight of this Rockets to Go workshop rocket rocket
Pete Waddington 2 x Upscale Mars Lander I211 2x36" Chute, First flight - AAARGH! Lovely flight, shame it bent a leg landing in the high winds