UKRA 2000, 2nd/3rd/4th June, Garland's shooting range

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The annual flying event of the United Kingdon Rocketry Association, UKRA 2000 is one of the highlights of the rocketry calendar. This year was no exception. 51 registered fliers flew 167 flights during 5 flying sessions spaced over 3 days. The weather was wet on Friday and Saturday, but that didn't stop Saturday from having the most flights. The weather on Sunday was much better and we even saw blue sky and sunshine! Many people chose to camp over for the whole weekend, and there was a great atmosphere in the bar on Friday and Saturday night.


With two on-site vendors, there was plenty of opportunity to check out the latest kits & gizmos, and to stock up on motors.

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Launch details

With so many flights, we have only listed the launches of the North Star Rocketry Group: