Yatesbury, September 2000

a launch report by Brian Best

Just got back after a tiring day, heavy rain all the way through the midlands going down and 90mins stuck in a jam on the M1 comming home.

Weather on arrival at Yatesbury was heavy rain (the forecast as late as the night before was for sun and scattered cloud, turning to showers pm) but after an hour (eating pack-up and prepping) the rain stopped and the folks came out of hiding.

I put my 2 newest rockets up first before the rain came back, Ariane 5 (2xD12s LOC 2.6 tube, Estes BT60 'boosters') and Flash, based on 1930s comic rockets, pointy nose and wavy fins, pearlescent red and V2 style boat tail all 2.6 estes.

Both excellent boosts and good recovery.

I flew the Interdictor on an old MRC C6-5 Tracker (had to be lit by quickmatch cos the Estes igniter kept falling out) best flight yet, they burn longer and slower than estes even though they're the same class. Same goes for the Quest C6-0 when I flew the UFO but in this case the performance is much less than Estes

One or two oldies flew -- D powered fat boy/mosquito type thing and the 3xb4-4 cluster Sky dart (even with QM only 2 lit, but enough to fly OK)

Burnt a bit of AP (the new F23-4 black max Econojets) Aerotech Initiator and WartHog both excellent flights and recovery on these motors.

Finale was Ptery jnr on a H242T-m Wowwwwww.

Not a bad day all round (weather improved all the time) and nice to see some of the old regulars there.

(Tony Betts had aquired a few non-standard single use motors so I got a F101-10W 24mm .. now to build somerthing to take it !!!)

Roll on K-Lob .. I'm in the mood now and I have a J and 3 x Is in the box