Solo Projects

Beg Birtha

Possibly the simplest kit-bash in the world converts a well-loved Estes kit into the most ravenous devourer of pitfield motors - Beg Birtha. How is this accomplished? Simply leave out the motor mount.

MRS Vega

The MRS Vega is a lovely kit, made from very high quality parts.


British Spacecraft's X-15 kit looks to be a challenging build - here's a out-of-the-box review.

Thunderbird 3

Inspired by the release of the Thunderbirds film, this is made from a few tatty old carboard tubes.


Cool boost glider kit that proved to be beyond the skills of this reviewer.


Shaun's first HPR rocket, that he used to become the youngest UKRA member to certify L1.


Inspired by Hergé, coachwork by Nestlé, Tintinique.

Cyber Whippet

A rocket designed for high speed and altitude.

Sprint ABM

The kit of the 'worlds fastest missile' by Shadow Composites.

IRCS Ghost Rider

This was Mike's entry for RMR Descon X. The IRCS is a bash of the Estes Gemini DC. Of course, after recent events the Consignia class is now obsolete.

Airfix Saturn V PMC

Darren's Flying Plastic Model Conversion of the Airfix Saturn V kit.

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1:18.87 Black Arrow

Interceptor I

Tube Snake Boogie 2

Mars Landers a-go-go

B1 & B2

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