built up under construction

Built up

Under construction

Cyber Whippet

by Brian Best

As can be seen from the photos this is PML phenolic tube , 38mm fuselage / 29mm motor tube, with G10 fins and a PML urethane cast nosecone. It was designed by me on Rocksim 4 and is stable with a 29mm H220 reload. The construction is basic HPR using epoxy with chopped glass mat mixed in, the fins have tiny 'stitching' holes in them where they join the motor mount to allow the resin to seep through and provide a stronger bond. I built the motor mount and fin assembly first then mated it to the slotted body tube.

It has been test flown on a D12-3 and is over stable (obviously) but will now be covered in a glass coat for supersonic flights. The shock cord is braided tubular kevlar and the launch lug is standard copper tube. all other inovations are secret. There is room for a G-Whiz altimeter to record that record altitude ;-).