K-Lob 2002

Bloody miserably Lincolnshire weather! It always rains at K-Lob. Err, hang on, it wasn't like that at all this year. We had great weather all weekend! But, even though it was great weather, many of us were just there as spectators. Still those that did fly made the most of it.

Pete's K-Lob L2 Certathon

Pete had there L2 cert attempts over the weekend, one on each day (let's call Friday part of the weekend, OK?). The first two failed due to slight recovery problems. Fidays, the main came out at apogee, Saturday, it cameoyut at teh right time, but didn't fuly open. Neither failure damaged the rocket, a PML AMRAAM 3 converted for CPR by the name of Mint Source.

He nearly didn't make the third attempt, but he was "persuaded" by Angela who had given up all her flights for the weekend to help Pete cert. After doing the rounds of NSRG RSOs (Mike & Darren) he caught up with Brian on Sunday, and also took some parachute packing advice from Andy "can I help you with that?" Issot.

We were all very pleased when Pete certified on the Sunday with a textbook third flight. It's not many brand new L2 fliers that have that much experience fo J motors ;-)

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
George Rogozinski SAAB RB-05A I357-10 First flight
Pete Waddington Mint Source J360 L2 Cert fail
Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Brian Best Minnie Magg I170
Brian Best Warlock J360
George Rogozinski Diablo H242-T
George Rogozinski SAAB RB-05A I240
Pete Waddington Mint Source J300 L2 Cert - fail
Shaun Longhorn Mighty Kat D12-5,7xC6-5
Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Brian Best Jayhawk F40-4W
Brian Best Black Brant F52-5T
Brian Best Emperor Blobbo I300T
George Rogozinski SAAB RB-05A I300
Pete Waddington Honest John G35-4W
Pete Waddington Mint Source J300 L2 Cert - Woohoo!
Richard Harwood Intersat E15-7W
Shaun Longhorn Wilfred Short 3xD12-5
Shaun Longhorn MkV 4xC6-5
Shaun Longhorn Mr Jenkins D12-5,8xA10-0