K-Lob 2001

weather watching?

Bloody miserably Lincolnshire weather! It always rains at K-Lob. Still, we got a very busy two hours flying in on the Saturday, and dribs and drabs on Sunday. New faces included Steve Holt and Steve Grace, who were both intending to fly with us for the first time. Unfortunately, Steve H was only there on Sunday afternoon and didn't get to fly, but Steve G flew lots on the Saturday, including his L1 cert, well done Steve. We hope Steve H comes to another launch soon, where he can get some flying in.

Apart from the two Steve's, most of the usual suspects were in attendance, Darren, Shaun, Pete, Angela, Brian, Tony, Richard, and Luke. Mike was away on a secret mission, more of which later.

Darren was particularly glad that Steve H came, they both spent somne time looking for Tintiniques ose cone, after teh shock cord snapped and it drifted away on it's chute. They didn't find it , but Steve Spotted it in a field on his way home, and brought it back. Darren owe's you a piont there I think, Steve.

The demise of Tintinique

It had to happen sooner or later, Tintinique is badly broken. The fin snapped off at the root of the body shell. It's not a clean break, and it's not going to be an easy repair.

titinique on the pad broken

Where was Mike?

Mike didn't attend pleading a prior engagement, but we can now reveal that he was taking part in secret clandestine paramilitary training. Oh allright, he was with the scouts.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Pete Waddington Oh Pooh G64-4
Luke Nelson Astra l6 C5-3
Steve Grace IQSY Tomahawk G40
Steve Grace AMRAM 3 H220
Pete Waddington Honest John G35
Richard Harwood Coke wars C5-3 Spacked
Shaun Longhorn 4R5E F1L73R E30-7
George Rogozinski Eclipse CPR 3000 J460T
Pete Waddington Four Lights I211W
Steve Grace Small Endeavour H238T L1 cert attempt
Luke Nelson Mean machine D12-5
Tony Harwood Intersat E15W
Richard Harwood BSD Horizon H123W
Shaun Longhorn Bullpuppy H123W
Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Pete Waddington NotPeteDavysRaven E15-4
Darren Longhorn Tintinique H238T Bonus delay - spacked
Richard Harwood Mirage G35
Luke Nelson Astra 1 C5-3