K-Lob, September 30th - October 1st 2000

A mass turn out by the NSRG saw a total of 14 members over the two days. In attendance for the two days were, Angela, Pete, Brian, Mike, George, Shaun, Darren, and of course the organiser Pete Davy. Joel, his son Shaun, Richard and Tony came on Saturday only. Jan and his son came for the Sunday.

In the workshop

george preps rockets angela beams joel and shaun

Pete had an empty workshop available, so there was plenty of room for all. A wood burning stove made it very cosy. Cunningly there was access to the shop without going outside.

nsrg end workshop

more workshop

UKRA Certification flights

Angela and Darren did their UKRA Level 2 certification flights, with Patrinot and Accusatory Finger of Suspicion, both on J350Ws. George did his UKRA Level 1 Certification flight, with a very brightly coloured PML Miranda. We're really starting to accumulate certified fliers now.

angelas patrinot george and his miranda miranda launch miranda on chute

darren & afos afos launch afos recovery

Other NSRG flights

before landed after

cato warlock launch chute

pete with his minimag minimag launch hurrah

on the chute nose cone landed

mike and interceptor interceptor

hawk hawk launch hawl chute

tintinique recovery

Crowd pics

people loading the pads

ready to fly

NSRG Flight Statistics

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Angela Patrinot J350W UKRA L2 cert flight, deployment at apogee (45??ft). First woman to L2!
Brian PML Phobos G80 CATO!
Brian LOC Warlock J350W Another impressive flight
Darren Accusatory Finger of Suspicion J350W UKRA L2 cert flight, deployed drogue at apogee (3811ft), main at 600ft
Darren Tintinique G104T Back on the motor of choice
George Mystic Buzz George's first AP trip
George PML Miranda H128W UKRA L1 cert flight
George Hawk An excellently smooth flight of this reputedly unstable kit
Joel Aerotech Aerreaux F40-10W Sweet. (Flown on Joel's behalf, due to his paperwork delay)
Joel Estes Big Daddy D12-5 A really nice delay coast view in the increasing gloom
Mike Preying Mantis J415W To 5196ft
Mike Interceptor I H242 To 1349ft
Pete MiniMagg H242T Nose cone seperation and a lost fin meant a quick circuit of the Spackington ring-road
Pete Estes V2 D12-5
Shaun PML Bullpuppy H128W C'mon, we want to see it fly on an H242

When the flying was done, thanks were made to the rocket gods, by the sacrifice of some of Brian's old rockets in an AP assisted bonfire. Cool.