28 December set for 2004 Junior Trials for British World Space Modelling Championship Team

From Blast Off for Britain:

Despite the efforts of the Blast Off for Britain executive committee, there has been a communications/organisation problem somewhere between the British Model Flyers Association, their Free Flight Technical Committee and the British Space Modelling Association.

The nominations for the 2004 junior members of the British team to compete at the World Championship must be submitted by the end of December. From those nominations the BMFA will certify the official teams in mid January. This timetable was set with NO official notice or publication, according to Paul Lavin, Chairman of BO4B.

"This is not what has happened last year as BO4B did our trials in May and were sorting ourselves out to carry on in that fashion until this morning. The BMFA Competition Secretary has supposedly said that this year there will be no exceptions," he said.

Given the extremely short notice, Blast Off for Britain will host the qualifying trials on Sunday the 28th of December at either their Kinsbourne Green field or at their field in Hampshire near Preston Candover. The choice and timing will be announced shortly. The rockets used must be UK legal which means that 13mm "Estes" A motors must be used as the 10mm competition motors used in European competitions are not allowed in the UK. In addition, the 10mm motors are not available equally to all competitors and are therefore inequitable for UK competitions.

Construction and event rules follow the FAI rules (see links section). As a minimum, competitors should be ready to fly S3A (parachute duration) and S6A (streamer duration) that employ a 13mm A motor. Two rockets and three rounds will be flown for each class. Other classes will be flown based on the participant turn out. BO4B will provide a 30mm tower launcher and launch controller system. Paul Lavin, UKRA RSO will officiate. Bring friends for recovery! Hot chocolate will be served! A workshop for rocket building is tentatively scheduled for 14 December in Kinsbourne Green. For more information send us an email at 2004team@blastoff4britain.org.uk and see our web site at www.blastoff4britain.org.uk