International Rocket Week 1998

Way back in the mists of time (August 1998), when we were just those rocketeers from The North, Mike, Pete, Angela, Darren, Shaun & James attended the International Rocket Week. There were several competitions run, and afterwards we realised that West Yorkshire Rocketeers had won all the main three events. These were:

The lander contest was judged on several criteria, including skill, originality, landing in the specifed orientation and spontaneous applause. The Saucer that won the contest was scratch built from some Jimz Planz. It is a version of a kit that used to be made by Centuri. Here are a couple of pictures of the Saucer:

Saucer on the pad Saucer in the sky

Afterwards, there was much talk, of launching locally together, attending national events as a group, of forming a club, and nothing was done about it...