International Rocket Week 2003

The weather was pretty awful early in the week. George and David Rowlings were first there, closely followed by Dave T and then Darren, Karen, James, Kieran, Josh and Cal. Later Mike, Richard and Tony joined us for the excellent weather at the weekend. We made a good showing again in the competitions, with Darren and Mike tying for first place in the scale contest, and Josh winning the boost glider contest.


Here's the rockets that the NSRG flew.
Here's some rockets that other people flew.
Here's some stuff that's not rockets at all.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Josh Manta A8-3
Josh Nemesis A8-3
Josh TriJet A8-3 Josh designed and built this with his Dad's help
Josh Fat Boy B4-4
Callum Pip Squeak A8-3
Callum Pip Squeak A8-3
Kieran Venom A8-3
Kieran Venom A8-3
Kieran KB-1 B4-4
Kieran KB-1 B4-4
Kieran Venom A8-3
Darren Centuri Saucer C6-3
Darren Chopter C11-3 Flew well, but broke a fin
George ? ?
Dave T Stars & Stripes D12-0
Dave T Animal Print D12-0
Dave T Smiley A10-0T
Mike C Art Applewhite 12" saucer H242
Darren 4R5E F1L73R F39-6T
Darren Phoenix F39-6T
Darren Phoenix F24-4W
George ? ?
Richard H LOC Precision Warlok J400 + 3 x Pyrotechnic titanium whistle units Comments: An excellent and very successfull UKRA Level 2 cert flight. Motor looked a lot like a Kosdon Skidmark thanks to the Smoky Sam reload and the bright sparks from the whistle units. Flew to around 3000 feet.
Callum Centuri Saucer C6-3
Kieran Venom B6-4
Josh Manta C6-3 Glider contest - 1:34 seconds. Glider lost, booster later recovered
Darren VMX-2 C6-3 Glider contest - glid for a bit then nose dived as previous flights
George Big Trudi ?
Richard H Sidewinder C6-3 Prepped at UKRA 2003!
Richard H Fatboy C6-3
Richard H Python D12-5 Prepped at UKRA 2003!
Richard H Nike K C6-3
Mike C The Stimuliser D12 Sweetie Rocket contest entry
Mike C Mercury Redstone C5-3 Joint first prize in the scale contest
Mike C Joule C5-3
Mike C Tao II D12-0 - B6-6 Spin stabilised upper stage
Mike C Tiger Saucer D12-0
Darren Segmentation Fauklt Orange (Terry's) 2xD12-3 Sweetie rocket contest: Only one motor lit and it hung on the rod
Darren Segmentation Fauklt Orange (Terry's) 2xD12-3 Sweetie rocket contest: Both motors lit, but still hung on rod, one segemnt fell off and scuttled across the field
Darren Airfix Saturn V PMC D15-4T Scale contest: RMS kicked out so no deployment, reasonable damage - joint first prize
Josh TriJet A8-3
Josh GrassStorm C6-3 Made from the Sunward Aerospace IceStorm
Josh Centuri Saucer D13