IRW 2001 - Sunday 26th August, Largs

Shaun's Bullpuppy on the pad (Photo by Pete Waddington) Shaun's Bullpuppy in the air (Photo by Martin Sweeney) Angela's Four Lights on the pad (Photo by Pete Waddington) Angela's Four Lights in the air Angela's Patri-not in the air

George's Enterprise ready for launch (Photo by Pete Waddington) Crash (Photo by Andy Moore) Bang (Photo by Pete Waddington)

Wallop After (Photo by Richard Harwood) More after (Photo by Richard Harwood)

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Mike Interceptor-I I240 Lovely first flight on the design class of motor (3040').
Mike Beakers II A10-4T Glider Contest - was in second place for a time
Mike Saucery III C6-3 Glider Contest - regained second place, but got eaten by the evil gorse bush forest
Mike Razumov-Shtern LRD-D12xB4-4 Scale Contest - a winner!
Dave Flat Cat C5-3 Glider Contest
Shaun Bullpuppy H110-9
James Mr Jenkins D12-5 8xA10-0T Parachute didn't open correctly (melted), cracked fin on landing
Darren Saucer Glider MkIII Held 1000 Glider Contest - didn't seperate, spacked
Darren Variety D12-3 Sweetie Contest - winner
Angela Patri-not H110 Fin damaged on landing
Pete Das Modell V1 D12-3 Very scary first unstable flight
Pete Heliroc A10-3T Helicopter contest - 64 seconds - a winner!