IRW 2001 - Saturday 25th August, Largs

Remains of Darren's AFoS (Photo by Dave Thomson) Richard's Horizon being prepared (Photo by Richard Harwood) Richard's Horizon ready to go (Photo by Richard Harwood) Dave's LOC Viper 3 (Photo by Dave Thomson)

Pete with Iris (Photo by Pete Waddington) Iris on the pad (Photo by Pete Waddington) Iris takes to the air (Photo by Andy Moore)

Pete preps mars Lander (Photo by Dave Thomson) Mars Lander on the pad (Photo by Pete Waddington) Lift off (Photo by Andy Moore) Great flight Ooops

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Dave Loc Viper3 3xD12-5 Lost
Richard BSD Horizon I300 Broke the I300 curse
Pete 2xMars Lander I170 Burnt thru shock cord at apogee, 1000ft spack!
Pete Iris I170 Nice steady flight
Angela Four Lights I170 2300'
George Enterprise ???