IRW 2001 - Monday 27th August, Largs

Shaun's Mighty Kat Mighty Kat Descending James' Mr Jenkins

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Mike Mercury Redstone B4-4 Underpowered. Forgot that recomended motors were C. No damage
Mike Spudnik A10-4T Whoosh! Bounce!
Mike ICRS GhostRider C5-3 Nice flight with a nice new paint job
Mike SHX-TVM-01 C6-? Really needs a C motor to get going properly
Dave Cobra 3xC6-5
Dave Stretch Blobbo D12-5
Dave AOL spool C6-3
Dave Art Applewhite 9" D12-0
Darren Astrocam B6-6 This was the only pic that came out
Darren Astrocam B6-6
Darren Astrocam B4-4
Darren Astrocam C6-5
James JLCLV C6-3
Shaun Mighty Kat D12-5 7xA8-3 So much for the vent design: A8s shed at ejection
Pete V1 D12-5 V1 with more nose weight, better, stable flight straight into a tree. An inaccessible tree......
Pete Fast Boy 3 x C6-3 Helps if you plug the other motor mount holes! A-Z of Spackington carried on board instead
Pete Astrobee D B6-4 Stable, uneventful, predictable flight. (ie boring. Angela)
Pete Loc Precision Aura D12-3 flight was OK but needs composite power
Pete WAC Corporal D12-0 to A8-3 Successful 2 stage - one day I'll put something bigger in the sustainer
Pete BlackHawk R & D Mini Phoenix A8-3 cool flight from this mini bird