International Rocket Week 2002

HPR flying (Photo by Dave Thomson)

The International Rocket Week really sneaked up on us this year. There was little info available before the event other than the dates and that it was definately on.


As usual George took on the role of advanced scouting party, arriving early to stake a claim to our regular bay, before doing the tourist thing.


Dave arrived first beating Darren, Shaun & (for the first time in four years) James. Later, Mike arrived and George reappeared. The weather was peculiarly un-Largs like. Dry, and sunny. We assumed we were being lulled into a false sense of security. There was no flying, but we settled in, started building stuff and partook of the usual Tuesday entertainment of watching Pete D build his shop.


First flying day on the Kelburn model field. No good pictures, unfortunately.


First HPR day at Birtlebog Farm.


More flying both HPR at Birtlebog Farm, and Modroc at Kelburn. Shaun's big day on BBC Radio Scotland. He was interviewed and talked about his mighty Kat rocket.

Interviewer: "You say it flies high up in teh sky, but how strong is it? These fins don't look very strong."
Shaun:       "Well they're strengthed by glueing them on with fillets."
Interviwer:  [surprised] "Fillets?"	
Shaun:       "Not fish fillets"
After that they interviewed John Bonsor, and then Homer Hickam. Yes that Homer Hickam. Later, Pete & Angela arrived while we were at Birtlebog, Richard & Tony arrived at Birtlebog.


Woke early to hear rain on the tent roof. "This is is" I thought, and went back to sleep for a couple of hours. When I actually got up, the rain had cleared the sun was out and the effects of the rain were gone. "Are we really in Largs?" Yet more flying. Later we went out to a restraunt, where Darren & Shaun severely overfaced themsleves.

Mr Gates, Mr French, El Prezedente, Mr Engineer Don't get between a rocket flier and his breakfast Cup of tea with your second breakfast Mr Frodo?


Sunday is competition day, but some of us went and did HPR while the aquajet contests took place. Dave stayed behind and bacame very interested in the ins and outs of Aquajets. Don't do it Dave, stay away from the dark side! The rest of us were back in time for the general competition flying in the afternoon. Where we did very well. There was the traditional barbecue, but we went into Largs for Fish and Chips. George headed home for a job interview, Richard & Tony headed off for a firework festival.


All the contest had been finished on the Sunday (a record?). So, at the fliers briefing, the prize giving took place. NSRG won the Sweetie Rocket (Darren), Helicopter Duration (Pete), Russian Scale (Mike - joint first). The rest of the results can be seen here. Then, general sport flying was the order of the day. Mike and Dave headed for home at teatime (or was it third luncheon?). The remnants of the NSRG crew went to tea with Chris & Sally of MARS at Nardini's, after which Darren, Shaun & James headed home. Four hours door to door.


Pete & Angela head for home.

Other fliers

Here are some more pictures of other flier's rockets.