North Star Rocketry Group

The North Star Rocketry Group was an informal group of rocketeers, mainly from from West Yorkshire. We fly model rockets locally and attend events throughout the UK to launch high power rockets.

If you want to find out more about us, read our faq. If you need more information, or would like to join, email us.


31st August 2006 - Introducing the gallery

20th December, Hollywood Bowl / Here's Johnny, Kirkstall

British World Space Modelling Championship Team news

Visit to London Science Museum, Autumn 2003

IRW 2003, 18 - 25th August 2003, Largs, Scotland

9th August 2003, Baildon Moor

Email list crash

UKRA 2003, 6th - 8th June, Heckington

12th April 2003, Baildon Moor

UKAC, 15th March 2003, Heckington

February 2003, National Space Centre

16th January 2003, Kennedy Space Center

Copper Knobs, 28th December, Pete's Farm

22nd December, Hollywood Bowl / Quincy's, Kirkstall

3rd November 2002, Baildon Moor

K-Lob 2002, 28th - 29th September, Heckington, Lincolnshire

15th September 2002, Baildon Moor

IRW 2002, 19th - 27th August 2002, Largs, Scotland

UKRA 2002, 7 - 9th June 2002, Heckington, Lincolnshire

RMR Descon X

BigEARS 2002, 5th May 2002, Elseworth, Cambridgshire

30th March 2002, Baildon Moor

16th February 2002, Baildon Moor

Copper Knobs, 28th December, Pete's Farm

8th December, Hollywood Bowl / Quincy's, Kirkstall

18th November 2001, Baildon Moor

28th October 2001, Baildon Moor

Tintinique's Wake

K-Lob 2001, 29th - 30th September, Pete's Farm Heckington, Lincolnshire

IRW 2001, 21st - 27th August, Largs, Scotland

BigEARS, June, Elseworth, Cambridgshire

UKRA 2001, 15 - 17th June, Pete's Farm

2001, Baildon Moor

Brass Balls, Jaunuary 2001, Pete's Farm, Heckinton

Copper Knobs, 29th December, Pete's Farm

9th December 2000, Hollywood Bowl / Quincy's, Kirkstall

15th October 2000, Baildon Moor

K-Lob, 30th September - 1st October, Pete's Farm

24th September 2000, Yatesbury

IRW 2000, 22nd - 29th August, Largs, Scotland

20th July 2000, Baildon Moor

16th July 2000, Baildon Moor

2nd July 2000, Baildon Moor

11th June 2000, somewhere in Bradford

UKRA 2000, 2nd - 4th June, Garlands Shooting range

UKRA 2000 Preview

21st May 2000, Baildon Moor

16th April 2000, Baildon Moor

26th March 2000, NSRG Website becomes fully active

Thrust, 19th March 2000, Garlands shooting range

26th February 2000, Baildon Moor

Brass Balls, January 2000, Pete's Farm

Thrust, October 1999, Garlands shooting range

K-Lob, October 1999, Pete's Farm

IRW 99, August 1999, Largs, Scotland

UKRA 99, June 1999, Garlands shooting range

IRW 98, August 1998, Largs, Scotland