(Big) EARS, July

EARS car park

EARS are based on the outskirts of Cambridge. They are lucky enough to have a farm with two alternative launch sites, so they can fly pretty much regardless of the prevailing wind direction. Flyers fees are payable, with most of teh moeny going to the landowner. It's the stated intention of EARS to plow the rest back into communal GSE for EARS members, and available for hire to others. Reduced rates are available for EARS members, which is a good idea if you attend more than a couple of times a year. This was the NSRG's first visit to pretty much anywhere this far south. Darren, James, Richard, Tony, Angela, Pete and Brian made the journey. It was a beautiful day, and many rockets were flown. Of course the most impressive of all was Roy Treziak-Hicks L3 attempt with V0.5 a quarter scale scale V2 - wow! More about that later. As far as the NSRGers went it was time for Richard to do his UKRA L1 certification, time for Tintinique to fly on something bigger then a G, and time for Angela to unveil Piglet...

Flying octagon of not very much doom Foonvmd flight Foonvmd at apogee

Patinot in flight Angela and Patrinot Piglet flight Maxi Alpha on the pad Maxi Alpha in flight

Pete preps Rohini while Tintinique beeps quietly to itself tintinique on pad with scratches tintinique descends rapidly

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
James JLCLV C6-3
James JLCLV C6-3
James JLCLV C6-3
James JLCLV D12-5 With Chunky Monkey at the controls
Darren Tintinique H238-T Great flight!
Darren Tintinique H238-T Chute didn't open - took some damage
Darren Tintinique H238-T Still flyable, but getting badly scratched
Richard H BSD Horizon H123-W Successful L1 certification flight - welcome to the world of the 30+ reload Richard ;-)
Richard H Sidewinder C5-3
Richard H Eggsocet C6-3
Angela Patrinot H123
Angela Piglet H97 First flight of the latest refugee from the Hundred Acre Wood
Pete Maxi Alpha D12-5
Pete Maxi Alpha E15-4
Pete Rohini F20-4W
Brian Flying Octogon of Not very Much Doom F12 Getting better each time!
Brian Minni Magg I-161W S
Brian Rocketman Wahoo H123W S
Brian Torpedo H97J S Beautiful scratch built torpedo thingy

Roy's L3 attempt

Roy's not an NSRG member, but this flight was too awesome to not show some pictures. This was also the first time anyone had attempted to certify UKRA Level 3 (There are a couple of UKRA L3s, but they were 'grandfathered' from Tripoli Certifications). The boost was straight and true, but at apogee the first sign of trouble became evident. Although there seemed to be a pop and a small puff of smoke, nothing deployed. Nothing ever deployed. The rocket arced over and came in ballistically. On impact the whole of the tail bounced several meters into the air.

early prepping late prepping

V2 ready V2 lift off flight

apogee descent