Pete's Farm, Heckington, 28th December 2002

Hey, the weather's not too bad!

The weather gods smiled on us this year. It was a tad windy, but pretty mild until the light started to fade. This year we took the unprecedented step of inviting a few non NSRG people...

Here's some pictures that Damian sent of Pete's Little Wild Thing. Nice sequence, but a bit blurry. He should have brought his tripod.

Damian also took some video footage (Footage? What exactly does that mean in the digital age?) ...

Paul seemed to enjoy himself. He sent me this email...

The day saw the inaugural flight of Team Uranus with a vehicle named 
Nothing2Hide (N2H).  N2H is a 340mm equilateral tetrahedron (950 g in 
flight trim) and rode on a Pro38 402I170.  The Pratt ejection charge 
powered by MAD functioned perfectly.

The 14 inch Topflight parachute was intentionally deployed on ascent to 
avoid frightening simple Lincolnshire country folk with stunning 
X-Files-like tetrahedron performance (and to confound rocketeer spies from 
other planetary bodies).  Detractors have put about a completely 
unsubstantiated rumour that it was done only to save the hung over 
designer/builder from walking very far in the mud.

N2H's polycarbonate airframe trial (part of MOAT* R&D) was successful as 
the impact "effect" was remedied with a wet wipe and a three inch piece of 
tape.  The polycarbonate motor tube proved dimensionally stable under 
flight conditions with mere masking tape for motor retention - the only 
(and perhaps last) Team Uranus rocket to ever fly without the security of a 
Rowes Retainer.

N2H's next flight will be on a J and with redesigned forward parachute 
deployment as it continues as MOAT's test bed.

*Mother of All Tetrahedrons, a 850mm equilateral tetrahedron with 9 liters 
of N2O tankage and a Hypertek M grain.

...and some pictures.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Damian SilverThing F23-7
Damian Bogroll Bob B6-4 Dodgy unstable flight
Damian Rogue Aerospace Hex Courier C6-5 Tubular Fins
Mike Matrix H242T Nice flight
Mike Prodiginous U J360 3642 feet, main chute didn't deploy. No major damage.
Paul Nothing2Hide I170
Richard P Salad Days 2.2 D12-0 It wasn't that good on Baildon
Richard P Dart H110 Stuck in the sky, lost. Never to be seen again?
Graham Ariane-5 C6-3 Partially deployed chute
Graham V2 (Noris kit) D21-4 BYEEEEEEEEEE!!! Somewhere in Heckington
Graham WorstPaintJobInTheWorld C6-5 Fed the Rocketgods
Graham Yellow estes thingy A8-3
Graham Estes Mini Mars lander A3-4T
Graham Hobbes G60 Modded NorthCoast Big Brute
Pete W Estes Heatseeker B6-4 Needs C power next time
Pete W Luna A8-3 Scratch built from Jack Hagerty book
Pete W Mini Phoenix (Aardvark Rockets) A8-3
Pete W ASP V2 A8-3
Pete W Holverson Zoomie 1/2A3-T Scary flight
Pete W Earth vs The Flying Saucers B6-4
Pete W Earth vs The Flying Saucers C6-0 Heatshield damaged on re-entry. Consequently, Earth won!
Pete W Vaughn Bros Little Wild Thing C6-5, 7xA10-0 2nd flight of this ill-fated thing. All boosters lit, main didn't. However, "Lovelace effect" deployed streamers prematurely.
Pete W Estes V2 D12-5 Beautiful straight flight and not too far to walk for recovery.....unlike some!
Darren Phoenix F39-6 Still quite a long walk on just a streamer.
Shaun Bullpuppy H110 Across the Andes by frog to recover this one. Picked up Prodiginous on the way back.
Dave T Amraam 3 H110 Level one attempt failed, nosecone came off :-(
Richard H Not-so-Mean Machine D12-5