Pete's Farm, Heckington, 29th December 2000

An impromptu launch over the Christmas period. In attendance were Pete and Angela Waddington, Brian, Mike, Richard, Tony, Luke, Darren, Shaun, & James, and of course Pete Davy.

It really was quite cold, but Pete D had the workshop warmed up with a roaring wood fire. We unpacked and larked around with Pete W's micromax fora while. They may be small, but are they really that portable if you need a whopping great 12v lead acid battery to ignite the motors? Eventually the shuttle launched, and might have just about made it to the roof, if it hadn't attempted a docking with the fluorescent tube well before apogee.

Brian arrived witha a cheery face, and the statement "No flying today, there's a blizzard out there". Eh? It had been fine when most of use arrived, but sure enough there were blizzard conditions now. Luckily within the hour the blizzard was over, and not too much more snow had fallen. Prepping continued. As usuall Darren was last to finish prepping, and had to walk up to the launch site by himself. We had a great day's flying, which continued until it got dark. The pictures and flight stats are below...

in the warmth banner flaps icicles

brian readies jayhawk sprint before sad demise black brant

fatboy descends on chute nike K in flight heatseeker variety variety

afos leaps from the pad afos leaps landed tintinique prep tintinique launch

patrinot patrinot & angela patrinot flight mirage mirage launch

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Angela Patrinot H123W Very short delay, stripped payload bay from shock cord, no other damage
Pete W Mirage G35-4W EconojetSuper slow straight boost
Pete W Rohini F20-4W EconojetPredictable flight on the motor of choice
Pete W Prowler C6 Underpowered boost on Quest motor. Payload bay took the sliproad to Spackington and bought souvenirs
Pete W Heatseeker B4-4 This new Estes kit, had the A to Z of Spackington on board but deployed the 'chute for a lucky landing just on the westbound side of the Spackington bypass
Pete W Shuttle MicroMaxx Crew are recovering after encounter with a giant fluorescent tube, safe re-entry to earth and landing on bench near a box of mince pies
Pete W Saturn V MicroMaxx Awesome launch on main flying field. Onboard altimiters and ground spotters estimate apogee in excess of 10ft...!
Brian Black Brant G40-7W Maiden flight of this Cosmodrome kit
Brian Jayhawk F25-4W Cluster R kit
Brian Initiator F20-4W Econojet
Brian Stariot D12-5 A kitbash of the RocketVision Chariot. Fin dislodged on landing.. easy repair
Brian Bombproof D12-3 Estes 2.6 tube ply/glass fins.. old and much repaired
Brian Sprint ABM D12-3 Krushnicked??? on pad and badly burnt
Darren Accusatory Finger of Suspicion I300T Awsome blue flame, flew to 2667' and even with CPR resulted in a long cold walk
Darren Tintinique G104T A very long delay almost meant disaster. Deployment was approx 20', but only minor scratches resulted
Shaun Half Arsed E15 Hard landing on a streamer, limited damage to coupler
Shaun Variety E15 Another squirelly flight
Shaun Centuri Saucer D13 18mm RMSs rock!
Luke Quest lightning C6-7
Luke Quest lightning C6-7
Richard Quest Nike-K C6-5
Richard Quest Nike-K C6-3
Richard Dagger C5-3 Fin lost at touchdown...Will fly again...
Richard Fat-Boy C6-3
Richard Python D12-3 Lost chute mid-air, fin ripped off, will fly again...
Mike Interceptor-I H73J A much strengthened Interceptor G, beautiful flight
Mike PML Sudden Rush I300T Loose launch pad nuts resulted in a less than ideal trajectiory
Mike Spirit of the Age G40-7W A PML Phantom in disguise