Brass Balls 2000

Posthumously named ( after the bracing cold), Brass Balls was held over a weekend at Pete's Farm, Heckington, in late January, the first high power launch of the year. The bulk of the flying was on the second day, but, on the first day Shaun Longhorn flew his scratch built rocket half arsed for the first time ever, on an Aerotech E for his first composite flight.

On the second day there were many flights, including a K1100 flight by Ben Jarvis of MARS, and a cut down altitude attempt by Hugh Gemmill of SRA that still managed over 6000ft. Brian Best's Mini Mag was used to simultaneously certify Level1 for both UKRA and Tripoli. Shaun Longhorn flew half arsed again, this time on an Aerotech F reload, for it's second flight and his first RMS flight. Darren Longhorn flew his PML Ariel with an altimeter for the first time recording an altitude of 1325ft.

Shaun and Ziggy Brain with Mini Mag