Baildon Moor, 12th April 2003

Some old faces and some new faces

Your not-so-humble scribe had "better things to do" than attend this launch, but still ended up with an inbox full of pictures and flight logs, so here goes... The usual crowd were there (except me and mine obviously) plus some new comers. I have a list of names here that says "Mick Stead, John Smith, & Adrian Harrison who also brought his daughter and two lads - one called Tom Weston". Good to see some new faces, sorry I couldn't have been there.

Brian's Sizzler Black Brant on a C11 Mike's Tiger Saucer Brian's Booster Brian's Scramjet It's up there! Mike's SHXTVM01 Another shot of Mike's Tiger Somebody's Fat Boy Brian prepares for not a lot of doom Solar Probe Dave's resurected Stretch Blobbo Flash ah-ah Yet another shot of Mike's Tiger looking very much like the animal print lampshade from his batchelor pad Dave's AOL spool rocket Delta Clipper Pete's Scout Scramjet Launch Tom's Polaris Pete's Maxi Alpha Black Brant

You can see more pictures on Richard's web site, here...

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Dave AOL spool C5-3 snapped the discs
Dave Spudnik A10-T
Dave Area 51 C6-0
Dave Fatboy D12-5
Dave Stretch Blobbo D12-5 reincarnation
Dave Fatboy D12-5
Dave Stretch Blobbo D12-5
John Smith Apollo C6-7
John Smith Amraam v0.5 D12-5
John Smith Amraam v0.5 C6-7
Unknown Air Europa Boeing 737-400 2x CFM tubofans 1000ft fly by raised a few eyebrows but appears to have landed safely
Brian Sizzler A8-3 the rocket that started it all - only comes out on nice days with soft landings
Brian Big Bertha B6-4 almost as early - my first big! rocket
Brian Triton Quest C6-5 not enough boost came in horizontally so not much damage (should have used a C5-3 like Mike said)
Brian Interdictor C5-3 followed Mike's advice .. fast and straight
Brian Big Daddy D12-3 no ejection came in verticaly - but still not much damage
Brian FONVMD D12-0 totally doomless
Brian Scramjet C11-5 a first for NSRG .. perfect flight as well
Brian Booster 2x B6-4 both lit - yippee
Brian BoSnark D12-3
Brian Flash D12-3
Brian SAM B6-4
Brian Greyhawk C5-3
Mike Solar Probe D12-5
Mike Omloid C6-5 Suborbital Creme Egg Loft. Balistic flight due to detached fin. Payload damaged but edible
Mike Delta Wedge B4-4
Mike AmRamRaid B6-0 A8-5
Mike Tiger6 D12-0 Two flights. Went higher than expected!
Mike SHX/TVM01 C5-3 Fast but squirelly
Richard Python D12-5
Richard Quest Nike K C5-3
Pete & Angela Apogee heliroc A10-3T
Pete & Angela TMK Scout B6-4
Pete & Angela Estes Black Brant C6-5 Modified for 18mm motor mount - awsome straight boost!
Pete & Angela Estes Maxi Alpha D12-3 This really needs an 'E' minimum!
Pete & Angela Quest DCY Space Clipper C6-3 Again, super straight boost for the finless wonder!
Tom Polaris C6-5
Tom Nemesis C6-5
Tom Nemesis C6-5

P.S. Sorry for the poor layout and briefness of this report - I've been kinda busy on work-related stuff this week.