Baildon Moor, 3rd November 2002

The weather forecast was awful, but we went up anyway. It was windy, but we still got some flying in. Later it began to rain and got colder, so we retired to the Old Glen House for refreshment. Attending were: Darren, Josh, Pete, Angela, Dave, David, and new faces Matthew, Neil & Nicky as well as Stephen (& friends/family), plus Richard Parkin of the WRS. Brian came to watch too. Pictures by Brian and Dave.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Darren Phoenix E28-7T
Darren Centuri Saucer D13-4
Josh Fatboy B4-4 (o)
Josh Fatboy B4-4 (o)
Josh Spudnik A3-4T
Josh Spudnik A3-4T
Josh KB-1 B6-4 (e)
Josh KB-1 B4-4 (o)
Josh MiniSaucer A3-4T
Josh Variety D12-5
Pete & Angela LOC Aura D12-5
Pete & Angela Saucer C6-5
Pete & Angela Saucer C6-5
Pete & Angela MiniPhoenix A8-3
Pete & Angela Moon Dog 1/2A3-T
Pete & Angela MiniV2 A8-3
Pete & Angela Raider A10-3T
Pete & Angela BoFB Chip Cone C6-0
Dave VB Spudnik A10-3T (e)
Dave Area 51 C6-0 (q)
Dave Snitch C6-0 (q)
Dave Rogue Tsetse B4-4 (e)
Dave Rogue Tsetse D12-5 (e) Lost to the gods
David Scratch built fighter thingy ???
David Big Rage C6-3
Matthew Astrocam B6-4 Think this was Matthew's first rocket flight, no ejection, but no damage either
Matthew Astrocam B6-4
Matthew Astrocam C6-7
Stephen Army ???
Stephen Navy ???
Richard P Salad Days D12-3 Smashed it up a bit on ejection. "Tossed" perhaps?
Richard P Bullpup A8-3 Definitely something wrong with that one
Richard P Mach Buster D12-3 Last seen heading in the direction of Humberside...