Baildon Moor, 15th September 2002

Wow, it's been ages. Couldn't believe when I looked up the date of the last Baildon launch and it was... March! Last year we had F&M to blame for the great summer lull, this year we have no one to blame but ourselves. In mitigation though, we did have outings to UKRA 2002, BigEARS and IRW 2002. This was a great launch though. The weather was sport on, as predicted. The only thing missing was the sun, and even that made an appearance towards the end of the session. Attending were: Mike, Dave, (and Mrs Dave), Lisa, Richard, Tony, George, Jim, David, John, Diane, Carl, Darren & Josh. Pictures by Mike, Richard, Darren with George's Camera, George, Dave, & Diane, unless stated otherwise.

What's the plural of Phoenix?

More pics

You can find more pics, and some of those above at higher res, on Richard's web site and Mike's web site.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Darren Phoenix E28-6T
Darren Rapier E30-7
Darren Generic C6-0 to B4-4 Booster didn't seperate and sustainer exhaust vented through the sides
Darren Generic C6-0 to B4-4
Darren Generic D12-0 to D12-5
Josh Fat Boy C6-3
Josh Fat Boy C6-5
Josh Fat Boy B4-4 Opitec motor
Josh Astra B4-4
Josh JLCLV C6-5
Josh JLCLV C6-5
Josh JOSH LONGHORN 1/2A3-2T This was Josh's rocket from the swarm launch at Big EARS 2002
Josh Spudnik A10-3T
Josh Spudnik A10-3T
George Snitch D21
George Terrier-SandhawkE15-7
George Navaho C6-0 to B6-6
Carl Big Rage ??? Nose cone separated
Carl Big Rage ??? Nose cone separated
John Big Daddy D12-5 No ejection, but little damage
John Big Daddy D12-5 No ejection, but little damage
John Phoenix D12-3
John Phoenix D12-3
Mike Mercury Redstone C6-3
Mike Helios Solar Probe D12-5
Mike Excalibur C6-3
Mike ICRS Ghost Rider B6-4
Mike Shuttle A8-3
Mike Spudnick A10-3T
Mike SRX/TVM01 C5-3
Mike Scorpius B6-4
Mike Delta Wedge B4-4
Dave AOL spool C6-3
Dave Rogue Tsetse C6-3
Dave Art 9" UFO D12-0
Dave Nemesis A8-3
Dave Naboo Fighter C5-3
Dave Area 51 C6-0 Quest motor
Richard & Tony Not-So-Mean Machine D12-5
Richard & Tony Python D12-5
Richard & Tony Eggsocet C6-3
Richard & Tony SideWinder C6-3
David Astrocam ???
David Big Rage ???
Jim Navy C6-7
Jim Navy B6-4
Jim Army B6-4

But where was Brian?

Brian had a prior engagement down at Yatesbury, at a SERFS meet. In his own words...

Bit windy but well within limits . flew the 2 scratchbuilts I brought to the
chilli night plus the usual suspects .. FONVMD, Grymmley, V2 (3" scratchbuilt
one on  E18) Stariot -the Rocket Vision kitbash first attempt the D12-5
catoed on ignition but only real damage was the engine hook was ripped out
and vapourised along with the motor case .. so next flight I just used
friction fit with some tape .. worked fine. The Scramjet (upscale ramjet
thingy) was excellent on d12-5 very straight (and fast) boost. Finally got
to fly the I211 I prepped for UKRA2002 .. 

Photos by Steve Moores and Rob House
Photo by Steve Moores Photo by Steve Moores Photo by Steve Moores Photo by Rob House Photo by Rob House Photo by Rob House Photo by Steve Moores

And finally...

Tony gives a masterclass entitled "How not to park your car". In the words of Richard...

Car is fine, but we sure took a lot of dirt with us! Stuff flying off all the way home.

One minute we were driving down the track, and Tony looked down for literally 1 sec, 
and I noticed we were heading off the road.....but it was far too late, within a second 
we were at 45 degrees to the road in a ditch, There was generous usage of the F**k word 
at this point :-)

Quickly called RAC and they turned up 20 mins later to pull us out, Just want to thank 
you all for helping to shift the bugger!