Baildon Moor, 30th March 2002

It was much windier than expected, and for a while there was some doubt that we would fly anything at all. So we stood and chatted for quite a while before we finally began to carry the rockets and equipment out on to the moor. Once we got goping we managed a total of 37 flights. Which was pretty good considering that many larger rockets didn't get flown. Fliers were: Richard, Tony, Pete, Angela, Kieran, Darren, Josh, Shaun, James, Jim, Dave and Mike.

George turned up later too, not to fly but to show off his shiny new HyperTEK GSE. It looks very good. Can't wait to help him try it out.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Richard & Tony Spudnik C5-3
Richard & Tony Dagger C5-3
Richard & Tony Fat Boy C5-3
Richard & Tony Eggsocet C5-3
Richard & Tony Mean Machine D12-5
Pete & Angela Ram Jet B4-4 A blast from the past. Recovery by chute - safe.
Pete & Angela Zoomie 1/2A3-T Holverson Designs Glider
Pete & Angela Ion Pulsar A8-3 Custom Rockets Hard landing - broke fin and lost one ion stabiliser?
Pete & Angela NASA Scout B6-4 TMRK. Super straight flight, even in these winds. Chute recovery.
Pete & Angela Micro Maxx Saucer MM Art Applewhite Micro Maxx Saucer. A real crowd pleaser? (Yes - ed.)
Pete & Angela Micro Maxx Saucer MM
Kieran KB-1 B6-4
Kieran KB-1 B6-4
Kieran KB-1 C6-5
Darren X-30 C5-3
Darren TeeniPheenix 1/2A3-2T
Darren MiniFatBoy A3-4T
Darren MiniSaucer A10-0T
Darren X-24 C5-3
Darren Tomcat C5-3 The Estes swing-wing non-glider
Josh X-Ray 1/2A3-2T First flight. Josh was dissapointed that he could n't find a bug to fly. He flew Angela's 5p instead. Which was lost.
Josh Spudnik A3-4T
Shaun Mild Thing 3x1/2A3-2T
Shaun Saucer D13-7W Centuri Clone
James HL-20 C5-3
Jim Navy C6-5
Jim U.S. Army C6-5 Was thought to be lost, but later found.
Dave Area 51 Saucer C6-3
Dave Area 51 Saucer C6-3
Dave Nemesis B4-4
Dave Spudnik A10-3T
Mike Mini VBX 1/2A3-4T
Mike ICRS Ghost Rider B4-4 Top Secret Test Flight
Mike Positron A8-3 Whoosh, zoom, gone!
Mike Spudnick A4-4T
Mike Omloid C6-3 Sub-Orbital Creme Egg loft
Mike AmRam Raid C6-3 (Upper Stage)