Baildon Moor, 16th February 2002

Originally intended to be the previous week, but cancelled due to the weather, this launch was much anticipated. As it turned out, the weather deteriorated towards the end of the day, but we still got in some excellent flying. Reasonable turnout, with Pete, Angela, Mike, Darren, Shaun, James, Dave, Mrs Dave, Lisa, Richard, Tony, Richard's friend Eddie and new member Carl, who flew with us for the first time. Carl seemed to enjoyed himself, and we hope he'll be back. Afterwards, we eschewed the now upmarket Dick Hudsons, for the cheaper charms of the Noble Comb.

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Mike ExcaliburC5-3 Patrol Cruiser of the Galactic Pirates tm
Mike Naked NighthawkC6-5
Mike SRX/TVM-01 B4-4 Form the plans in the Apogee newsletter
Mike Spudnick A3-4T
Brian Stellar FighterC5-3 First flight. Scratchbuilt from Black Brant parts and looking veeery cool IMHO (it says here)
Brian F.O.N.V.M.D. D12-3
Brian Maxi Alpha 3 D12-5 First flight
Brian Bombproof D12-3
Brian Phoenix plus D12-3 Strengthened for E-F power
Brian DCX Quest C6-3 Squirrelly
Carl Aim-97a A8-3
Carl Aim-97a C6-3
Carl Aim-97a C6-3 Shock cord snapped, nose cone and parachute lost
Darren X-30 C6-5
Darren Phoenix F12-5
Darren TeeniPheenix A3-4T
Darren Generic Gap Stager B6-0 B6-4
Shaun 30 Grit A8-3
Shaun Centuri Saucer D13
James HL-20 C6-3 First flight
James Tracer A8-3 First flight
James JLCLV C6-3 Piloted by Flt. Sgt. Harry "Hairy" Potter
David Nemesis A8-3
David Nemesis B4-4
David Nemesis C6-3
David Wiplash A6-4
David Wiplash A8-3
David Spudnik A10-3T
Lisa Pip Squeak A6-4
Lisa Pip Squeak A6-4
Pete & Angela Eggzecutor D12-5 As featured on TechnoGames
Pete & Angela Custom Rockets GalileoA8-3
Pete & Angela Quest Area 51 Flying SaucerC6-5
Pete & Angela TMRK Merlin B6-4
Richard & Tony SideWinder C5-3
Richard & Tony Eggsocet C5-3
Richard & Tony Mean Machine D12-5
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3T
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3T
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3T
Richard & Tony Dagger C5-3