Baildon Moor, 17th November 2001

mean machine on pad mean machine launch egg thing egg thing

(Photo by John Smith)

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Brian Big Bertha Quest C6-5
Brian Nova Payloader B4-2 with Fl.Lt. 'Lightning' Lego
Brian R2D2Nik C5-3 original Estes R2D2 - no legs - long fins
Brian Estes Aerospace PlaneQuest C6-5
Brian Fat Boy C5-3
Brian Saturn M(ini) Quest C6-5
Brian Harrier ? SA - Archer type, used MRC parts
Brian Twister B4-2 out of sight and lost
Brian Triton C6-5 the cigar shape and warp-nacelles one
Brian Booster 2 x B4-4 Ariane/Titan style sat-launcher
Brian Mega Ninja D12-3 upscale of Estes model to 2.6 tube
Brian Silver Comet D12-3 shorter-strengthened with strakes-nose to fin
Brian Big Daddy D12-3
Brian Flash D12-3 scratch built Flash Gordon style
Brian Flying Octagon of (not very much) DoomD12-0
Brian Snitch C6-0
Mike Upscale ASM D12-5
Mike Tan Sam 2 x D12-5 First flight, perfect!
Mike X15 C5-3 Stolen by the pixies!
Mike Shuttlecock A8-3
Mike FireFlash B4-4
Mike Space Bunny B4-2
Mike Mini VBX A10-3T
Mike Spudnik A10-3T Dragrace
Mike Star Speeder B6-4 Chute failure, mega fin damage
Steve Skywinder C6-3
Steve Skywinder C6-3
Steve Prowler C6-3
Steve Prowler C6-3
Steve Fireflash C6-5
Pete & Angela Mock Buster D12-7 This cardboard-clone of the Mach Buster earned mission points by being lost on it's maiden flight
Pete & Angela Octogone D12-3 Ooerr
Pete & Angela Monocopter C6-5
Pete & Angela Mars Snooper C5-3
Pete & Angela Merlin B6-4
Darren Rapier F24-7
Darren Phoenix F24-7
Shaun Centuri Saucer D13
Shaun 40 Grit B6-4
Shaun Sidewinder C6-3
Shaun Spudnik A10-3T Dragrace
James JLCLV C6-3 Picked up a hitchhiker leading resulting in "to the death" struggle on landing
Kieran KB-1 C6-3
Richard & Tony Mean Machine D12-5
Richard & Tony InterSat E15-4
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3 Dragrace
Richard & Tony Dagger C5-3
Richard & Tony Sidewinder C6-5
Richard & Tony Eggstatic C6-5
Richard & Tony Fat Boy C6-5