Baildon Moor, 28th October 2001

First launch on Baildon since February, due to foot & mouth restrictions. Unfortunately, your intrepid reporter didn't make it to this launch. An unplanned trip to casualty the night before saw to that. So, no pics unfortunately. I'm not even certain who was there, though I think there were a few new faces. I know for sure that Richard & Tony, Pete & Angela and Brian were there. Also there was a bloke there called John Smith. I know this as he cleverly sent me an email after the event, telling me what he flew. I'll let John describe the launch from his perspective...


Well it was my first time at a NSRG launch, and it was great to meet some like minded people at last!

I got there about 1 hour before anybody else did, so had a play with my new air powered rockets, getting about 200 feet.

Once some others turned up, launched my astrocam, which wind sheared a lot and deployed about 20 feet from the ground, and about 50 feet from the glider people. Quick apology and the rocket was recovered.

Launched my mini aamram (it used to be a normal sized model, but on a previous flight blew itself into 3 pieces. I only recovered the engine section and the nose cone, so I made it smaller). Launched this on a D12-3. Height achieved aprox 2000 feet. Deployed at apogee. Distance from launch pad about 1/2 mile. It was windy.

After long walk for recovery, and getting my breath back, launched again on C6-7. A lot of wind shear, altitude about 400 feet, and managed to catch the rocket in mid-air!

Had to go not long after this, as it was freezing, but it was great seeing a wide variety of rockets being launched.
See you at the next one!


Thanks for that John, glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you in the future. Here's what Brian had to say...

Sorry Darren .. too busy flying rockets to take photos :-(

I feel much better now I've had a BP fix.

Fine afternoon but got a bit windy (now there's a surprise). when I turned up Richard had been flying for a while and there were a couple of new faces who's names I didn't get .. but I think Pete or Angela might have some clues as they were yakking while I was flying.

I took 20 pre prepped rockets and flew 15 (in just over an hour and a half .. is this a record) All recovered safely though a couple of 'solar' chutes tore or tangled (big advantage of Baildon-soft-grass landings)


Here's a partial list of flights...

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
John Mini AAMRAM D12-3 Height achieved approx 2000'
John Mini AAMRAM C6-7 Altitude about 400'
Brian Big Daddy D12-3
Brian Viper C5-3 one piece of Python tube and nose
Brian Sentinel B4-2 elderly Estes kit 17th flight
Brian Aurorski D12-3 Russian hypersonic spy plane (top secret)
Brian Greyhawk C5-3
Brian Triton Quest C6-5 ring fin and warp nacelles on wings .. weird flight almost glided
Brian Li'l Spotnik B4-4 survivor of an old series of mosquito type rockets, long fins from nose cone and about 2x body length
Brian Big Mossie C5-3 as above but 2.6 tube
Brian Mega Mossie D12-7 as above D motor .. super flyer
Brian Stariot D12-5 hacked about Rocketvision Chariot
Brian FONVMD D12-0 versatile saucer .. last flew on F12
Brian Sizzler B4-4 (original Estes version) first rocket I built, comes out once a year for sentimental reasons
Brian Alien Space Probe C5-3 another vintage Estes 'lander' type
Brian Sputnik Minus C5-3 smallest of my sputniks 6" sphere
Brian Snitch C6-0 RTF Estes .. always popular
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3
Richard & Tony Spudnik A10-3
Richard & Tony Sidewinder C5-3
Richard & Tony Python D12-5
Richard & Tony Eggsocet C5-3