Baildon Moor, 18th February 2001

Pete & Mike Prepping

I can't remember much about this launch. Thanks to Richard H for the pics.

Richards eggstatic Nike K Centuri Saucer

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Shaun Estes Bullpup A8-3
Shaun Quest Falcon C6-5 Nice flight, but lost
Shaun Centuri Saucer D13-10W Always a great flier
James Quest Falcon C6-5 James got his back OK
James Quest Astra A8-3
Darren Estes Fatboy B6-4
Darren KB-1 B6-4
Richard H Coke Wars C5-3 Went to survey a near-by pot hole
Richard H Eggstattic C5-3
Richard H Fat Boy C5-3
Richard H Nike K C6-3
Brian Flying Octagon of Not Very Much Doom D12
Brian Flying Octagon of Not Very Much Doom E15
Brian Baildon Bouncer D21-4 Bit the dust on a GSOSM mission
Brian Snitch C6
Brian Grymmley E30-4T
Mike ??? ??? ???
Pete ??? ??? ???
Angela ??? ??? ???