Baildon Moor, 15th October 2000

Another excellent turnout, with some new faces. The list of fliers comprised: Brian, Mike, Pete, Angela, Richard, Tony, Darren, George, and two new fliers who's names I didn't catch. I think they were a father and son team, who had watched us fly before. When they saw us today they shot home and fetched a rocket to fly. We also had some spectators, some invited, some who happened to be passing. Altogether we managed over 50 flights.


As always some of use gathered in the pub at end of the day. This weeks hot topic of the day was the impending UKRA Council elections. This years two members of the NSRG are standing for election, Mike and Darren. Darren has been a council member since January of this year, when he was co-opted. This will be the first time either of them has stood for election to the UKRA council.

The pictures

v2 silver comet prowler prowler flight blackbird

sidewinder python python flight trans wing trans wing flight code red

the claw on pad the claw under chute asv on pad asv in air blue rtf

star speeder custom twister ariane ariane flight 1 ariane flight 1 twin chute

triton prep triton on the pad triton in the air flash stealth cruise missile

r2d2 baildon bouncer baildon bouncer in the air

teeniphoenix x30 on the pad x30 on the pad x30 in the air

The Flights

Flier Rocket Motor Comments
Brian Ariane 5 2xD12-3 Scratch built LOC 2.6 tube. First only one motor lit, minor damage after short flight
Brian Ariane 5 2xD12-3 Both motors lit, good flight and recovery on 2 Estes nylon chutes
Brian Quest UFO Aerotech E25-4 SU 14th flight so tried a bit more power!! I liked it!
Brian Estes Aerospace Plane Quest C6-5 nice long gentle burn
Brian Triton Quest C6-5 Scratch built cigar shape with warp nacelles and ringed fin tail.
Brian Booster 2xB6-4 Scratch built - BT60 size- 'Delta' style commercial launcher with large payload section and 4 strap on boosters. Nice firey climb and good recovery on 'Solar' chute
Brian Stealth Cruise Missile Aerotech D21-4 Scratch built - rear ejection. Tendency to spiral climb on C's so tried more power. Spectacularly unstable flight and ejection charge snapped kevlar line.
Brian R2D2 C5-3 2.6 size, straightforward flight, good rear ejection.
Brian Flash D12-3 Scratch built 1930's B movie space rocket with 'Ming piercing' nose spike, excellent flight and recovery
Brian Baildon Bouncer C6-3 Scratch built BT70 lander, shortly after TO went horizontal (needs C5-3 min .. might try D13 reload next) landed without damage though.
Mike Upscale ASM D12-5 Forgot to crack clay cap. Minimal chute deployment. Big spack!
Mike Blue RTF A8-3 soon to be parts
Mike The Claw has Landed C6-5 Upper module almost lost. Legs deployed OK, but due to windy gustiness, the sideways driftiness element of the desent vector caused it to tip on landing.
Mike Quest Intruder C6-5
Mike Oubourous B6-4
Mike Skydiver RTF B6-4 UKRA2K raffle prize
Mike VB Spudnik A3-4T
Mike Star Speeder B4-4 Test flight. Nose cone to loose and sperated at MECO
Mike Super Vega D12-5 Slight fin crack on landing
Mike Custom Twister A8-3 Sacrificed to the Rocket Gods
Mike Yellow RTF A8-3 soon to be parts
Darren TeeniPhoenix 1/2A3-2T 18mm diameter scale down of the Estes Phoenix
Darren TeeniPhoenix 1/2A3-4T
Darren TeeniPhoenix 1/2A3-4T
Darren TeeniPhoenix 1/2A3-4T Sort-of drag race with Pete's Blackbird, gave him a one second start and tried to shoot him down
Darren TeeniPhoenix A10-3T Should have used this motor for the drag race!
Darren Quest X-30 B6-2 Nice idea, but a bloody horrible kit
Darren Quest X-30 B6-2 Broke a wing on landing
Darren Centuri Saucer C6-3
Darren Centuri Saucer C6-7 The long delay makes for a nice smokey landing with retro rockets
Darren ARV Condor C6-5
Darren ARV Condor C6-5
Richard Nike-K C6-5 "Thank god it was on a streamer"
Richard Nike-K C5-3 "Thank god it was on a streamer"
Tony Sidewinder C5-3
Richard Fat Boy C6-5
Richard Fat Boy C6-5
Richard Fat Boy C6-5
Richard Python D12-3
Angela Silver Comet D12-5 This was Angela's first step into the 'big D powered' rocket world (many moons ago, now look at her)
Pete Prowler Quest C6-5
Pete Sidewinder C5-3 drag race with Tony, best flight yet
Pete Blackbird B6-4 bootiful straight flight, an oldie but goody it would appear!
Pete V-2 D12-5 Slow lift off, a bit of weathercocking and slight damage to a fin on landing, but hey I didn't have to wait all day to fly her...
Pete Big Bertha Quest C6-5 Pete never really liked this rocket, but she flew really well today
Pete Blackbird C6-5 Our last flight of the day and once again, bootiful straight flight, recovered with no damage
George Super Transwing glider C6-3 Which, according to Mike, "Is neither super, nor a glider" :-)
George Super Transwing glider C6-3
R/C guy Code Red A8-3
R/C guy Code Red A8-3
R/C guy Code Red A8-3
R/C guy Code Red B4-2
R/C guy Code Red B6-2
R/C guy Code Red B6-4