Baildon Moor, 20th July 2000

A good turnout for the first UK (England) leg of the 40th Anniversary Alpha launch. Good weather meant we chanced an evening launch, and we weren't disappointed. People arrived between 6:30 an 7:30, attending were: Brian, Mike, Pete, Angela, Richard, Tony, Luke, Darren, James & Shaun.

40th Anniversary Alphas

Well, we waited a long time for these to arrive, but it was worth it. Planning for this round-the-world-jaunt started almost a year ago, and this is just the first leg. We flew both the Alphas on Estes A8-3 motors, resisting the temptation to use something 'a little bigger'. Both flights were good. The chute didn't open properly on Estes but the ground on Baildon Moor is very forgiving. Even though we refolded the chute before flying, I guess it has spent a long time folded recently. I'm leaving it out for a while now to 'relax'.

Everyone present signed the log book. Next stop Scotland, for the International Rocket Week at Largs. You can see more of the 40th Anniversary tour here at the 40th Anniversary Alphas website. Richard wrote a lunch report too, which is here on his home page.

The rockets

USAF Estes USAF on chute

The launch crew

Darren & James Mike being sensible Launch party

Richard & Tony launched...

Fat boy

Brian launched...

Sprint ABM on pad Sprint ABM launch Sprint ABM on chute

Space Defence On chute Terrier Sandhawk

Apart from the Alphas, Shaun, Darren & James launched...

Mike launched...

Nothing. Again. An investigative tribunal of the North Star Rocketry Group, special judicial 'no-fly' select comittee, is set to look into this matter.

Pete & Angela launched...

Shuttle on pad Shuttle launch

Shaun, Darren & James launched...

Did we go to the pub?

Well, we flew until the light faded, and it was quite late, but yes we did. The tallk was mainly of igniters, uses and abuses.

Mine holes - part two

During a previous launch Mike suggested that the conical holes were made by mining. At the time Darren ridiculed this notion, without mercy. A subsequent investigation, undertaken by Jan, has shown inconclusively that this just might possibly have been, theoretically, the case. At this meeting Mike asked Darren to retract his mocking doubt, and apologise. In answer, Darren was clearly heard to say, and with great magnanimity I might add, "Humph, I suppose it might have been mining then, bah!"

Darren is the author of several popular local history books including..