Baildon Moor, 16th July 2000

What started out as an impromptu meet turned into a busy, easy-going flying session. Pete & Angela were there, along with Brian Best, Jan & George arrived with Mum and various children in tow. Mike Crewe also put in an appearance, and although not flying on this occasion, offered his thoughts and witty repartee during the course of the afternoon.

So, who flew what?.....

George flew his Estes Snitch with launch assistance from Elizabeth for a successful flight on a C6-0. George's other plan was to test his recently built and modified L'il Nuke. He was hoping for a witness-free site - just in case something went wrong. However, we don't always get what we want....! The flight was a complete success and was rapidly followed by the now stable Fab Toy. George completed his afternoon session with another textbook flight of his Sandhawk Terrier on Estes D12-5 power. Thomas and Patrick flew Estes Ionizer on a B8-5, and two flights of the HiJack, also on B8-5's. Elizabeth demonstrated to us all a cheaper form of propulsion in the guise of a Stomp Rocket! Standard, Helicopter and Parachute recovery stomps were all flown and recovered safely.

Brian flew the Sprint ABM - what a noise! We believe this is the first kit of its kind in the UK, and what a cool rocket it is! Cone shaped in appearance, with no fins, and a Nomex paper internal structure - the D12-3 engine is mounted approximately four inches in from the rear of the rocket. Not only does this create a fantastic smoke trail at lift off, but the sound has to be heard to be believed. First flight was stable with parachute deployment at apogee and safe recovery. Next up was the Estes Warp 2 with a successful 2 stage flight on a B6-0 boosting to a B4-6. A highly modified R2-D2 left the pad on a C5-3. The Bosnark (part Bomark/part Snark) was launched with a D12-3 and 2 B4-2's in the outboards. Although one of the B motors failed to light, the flight was nonetheless impressive. Brian's scratch built Big Daddy, flying on a D12-3, was coaxed into a drag race with Angela's Estes Big Daddy, flying on a D12-7. Both rockets left the pad simultaneously, with Angela's streaming into an easy lead. Brian followed this with 2 successful flights of an Estes Alien Space Probe on a C6-3, and a scratch-built mini Saturn V flying on a C6-3. Finally, Brian unveiled Cyberwhippet, the 29mm minimum diameter rocket. For the purposes of this test, it was flown on a D motor. The flight was predictable and the rocket recovered safely. This would be the only time the rocket would fly on a D engine as it was now to be glassed and reinforced, ready for composite power and some awesome altitude.\par

Next came Pete & Angela, with two flights of the Estes Prowler, both on C6-5's. With virtually no wind, the flight was arrow straight with successful parachute deployment bringing the bird back within the vicinity of the launch area. Next up was the Estes Sidewinder, again on a C6-3. Slightly more pleasing flight than the performance at UKRA, but Pete is still disappointed with this model. The reason for being here in the first place, next up was the Edmonds Aerospace Deltie, actually flying off the Vaughn Bros pop-pod, with a 1/2A6-2 the Deltie put in an approximately 40 second flight - not bad for starters. Next test flight was the Edmonds CiCi, again on a 1/2A6-2. Flight was OK, but bigger motor is required along with more work on the launch lug placement seeing as how the second flight turned into a static test, with the CiCi binding on the launch rod. Disappointment of the afternoon was the Vaughn Bros Buzzard - launch and separation were fine. However, that's where the positive bit ended, with the glider landing before the pop-pod! Finally, our first attempt at a two stage launch using a scratch/modified Estes Mongoose and some parts from the Designers Special parts box. This was a cool flight - B6-0 boosting to B6-4. Stage 1 landed close to pad, as did the streamer recovered sustainer after an approximate 900 foot flight.

Finally - what did Darren fly? Well the answer to that is nothing, because he was "too tired" to come out and play! Lets hope he's recovered and ready to co-ordinate the 40th Anniversary Alpha flight.